Cheese Scones

Hello lovely people,

I thought I’d start my first proper post with a recipe that I love. Who doesn’t love cheese scones? When they’re fresh and warm from the oven and you tear into them and watch a knob of butter melt away. It’s just heavenly…

I’m sure I’ve always liked scones but I first became addicted to them when I started working in a little cafe in Somerset. A lady called Caroline made them fresh every day and they were just amazing. I must’ve eaten them almost every day at the time.

I realise that that is probably not the healthiest thing to do but what is life without naughty treats? Dull, that’s what.


(Apologies for the poor photo quality. It was taken on my phone.)

I have made scones to this exact recipe, twice and they have turned out perfectly.

Have a go and tell me what you think.

Makes 12


450g self raising flour/450g plain flour and 6 tbsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

1 tsp black pepper (optional but I like the kick.)

1 tbps english mustard (although I reckon wholegrain would be pretty good too.)

100g cold butter

250g cheddar cheese (or if you fancy a change, smoked cheese is amazing!)

240ml cold milk (I use semi skimmed)


Preheat the oven to 220c

Add the flour (baking powder), salt & pepper to a large bowl and mix.

Grate the cold butter into the bowl and rub it into mixture with cold hands until crumbs. (I know it seems like a faff but grating the butter helps distribute it more evenly.) Tip-To cool warm hands, run them under a cold tap and dry with a tea towel.

Grate most of the cheese into the bowl and mix. Add the mustard.

Pour the milk, gradually, into the mix until it starts to form a dough. Try not to over-handle or make too wet.

Tip onto a lightly floured surface and roll out to about an inch thick.

Cut out with a 8cm diameter, round cutter. It should make an even 12 scones.

Place on baking trays. You may have to do batches.

Brush the tops with milk and scatter the remaining cheese on top.

Cook for 12-15 minutes, until golden and gorgeous.

Cool and eat.


Personally, besides just a knob of butter, I really like mine with a good chunk of cheese, a couple of leaves and some homemade chutney. A glass of cider and some sunshine is pretty good too.



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