Food Guilt. Should We Have It?

Hello readers,

Today I’d like to talk about the issue of food guilt.

I personally am a person who thinks about food a lot. Sometimes it’s about discovering new foods or recipes, learning new skills or just watching a lot of cooking programmes and documentaries. I find it really interesting. All of the different flavours, cultures and how the body and the world reacts to different things.

It does tend to make me over-think. There are so many issues to consider when purchasing, cooking and eating food…

…diets, health, food miles, environmental impact, animal impact, packaging, financial impact, economical impact, time spent, cultures and trends, sustainabity, availability, tolerances and finally- enjoyment.

I do realise that a lot of people don’t have all of these thoughts and worries rushing around in their heads as they pick up their afternoon chocolate bar from the shop across the road, but some of us do.

Now, I’m not saying that we need to all drive ourselves crazy with this. Life is too short and is there to be enjoyed. I’m just saying that we could all take a little time to give some thought about  what we choose to do. We can all make a little effort.

For example. Take a four pack of kiwi fruit from a major supermarket.


Pro’s  Kiwis are low in calories, fairly cheap, contain vitamins C, E, K, potassium, fiber and lots of antioxiadants. Buying them supports fruit farmers around the world. Growing kiwis has no animal impact. They are quick and easy to enjoy, although you may need a knife and spoon. They are sustainable, and usually available. Can usually last one-two weeks once at home.

Con’s Kiwis are largely grown in China, Italy and NewZealand, so that’s a lot of food miles. Buying from a major chain is not supporting local businesses and traders. People can be allergic to them or in very extreme cases,  get sent into anaphylactic shock. The packaging is usually non-optional and non-recyclable.

So, you see; even the tiniest thing can have an impact. Crazy, isn’t it?

I do realise that it is near impossible to do everything perfectly and end up with no food guilt. Some people manage it, but I bet it’s tiring! Don’t beat yourself up. Just pause and have a little think occasionally. You could…

– Support local fruit and veg stalls, butchers, bakeries, cafe’s.

– Try to reduce, re-use and recycle.

– Grow your own. Windowsills, patios, gardens, allotments.

– Cook from scratch more and pre-make lunches.

– Get a reusable water bottle with a water filter.

– Wrap food in paper, strong foil or re-usable wraps.

We want less of the food guilt and more of the food joy! Live, eat and be happy! 


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