Giant Jammy Dodgers

(Originally posted on 21/04/2015)
I want to start off by saying that this was not as easy or quick as I’d anticipated. I’ve just finished, so in total that would be just under 3 hours. I’m not saying that it will take you as long as me or that you’ll come across the problems I did. I’m just saying.
I was looking up biscuits on Pinterest and came across this recipe, which looked great and easy. Note how perfect the biscuits look compared to my knobbly ones!
Here’s how it went…
-I didn’t have all of the ingredients, so I had to pop to the shop.
-I followed the recipe, made the dough, put it in the fridge for an hour but it was still way too wet. I had to add a load more flour (100g+ ) and it was still really floppy but I managed to get them on the tray.
-We didn’t have any small heart cutters so I made one myself, out of foil. I’ll show you how on another post.
-Not a problem really but I made 8 as opposed to 12. I guess that’s why they’re so massive! Maybe I shouldn’t have used a pint glass as a cutter.
-They should take 10-12 minutes to cook but mine took much longer. I didn’t realise that the cooker was not on my side and had started to turn itself off. (Thanks cooker, you pain in the ass.) I did manage to cook most of them but I had to finish a few in the grill.
Apart from all that…it went fine, haha. They are pretty good and they do look alright so hey ho. Maybe I’ll try them out another time…minus the pint glass…when the cooker works!
Have you ever tried to make these?

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