Woven Wall Hanging


Today I thought I’d do a post about weaving. I know you might read that and think ‘wow, that’s boring!’ but trust me, it’s great fun!

I can’t remember exactly what got the idea into my head (probably Pinterest!) but I had the sudden, overwhelming need for craft.

I checked out looms online but they all seemed either too small and childish or horrendously expensive, so I thought; why not have a go at making one myself. It looked pretty simple- and it was!

I ended up buying a painting canvas from a charity shop, pulling the staples out with the back of a hammer and ripping the canvas off. I then bought a pack of pins from Wilko, spaced them out every 0.5cm along the top and bottom of the frame and hammered them in. Easy.


Once the frame was made, I was ready to string  it up and start experimenting. I had a couple of disasters before really getting in to it.

I’ve only made the one wall hanging so far but I really want to make some more and try out new techniques and uses for weaving. I know this one’s not perfect but I still like it.

I have since discovered an incredible weaving artist called Tammy Kanat, who’s pieces are gorgeous. I think they look like giant geodes. Make sure to check her out!

What do you think? Would you ever have a go at weaving?


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