A Sunday Stroll Around Bristol

This last weekend was Bristol Open Doors, where a few select places that are usually closed to the general public, we’re open for a few hours. You could visit Temple Meads, Arnolfini gallery, Bristol Old Vic theatre and much more.

Me, the boyfriend and My dad decided it could be quite interesting to have a look around. Unfortunately we hadn’t noticed on the site that the Sunday options were very limited. The suspension bridge vaults were only open on Saturday, which was disappointing. I particularly wanted to see that… We did however see inside Clifton Rocks, the old funicular railway, which opened in 1893 and operated for 40 years before having a second use as an air raid shelter and a secret transmission base for the BBC! We did feel a bit rushed around as there were a lot of people coming to visit it within a very limited time, but it was interesting.

We also visited Blaise Castle and had a little walk around the grounds. Having not really been to the castle before, I was expecting…well, a castle. In fact there’s a small folly on a hill, surrounded by woodlands, a castle house museum and a thatched dairy with gardens. Maybe on another day we could take one of the walks in the woods and explore the gorge and river. I’m told its very scenic…

I do like these laid back, exploring days. There are so many hidden things to see in Bristol and the surrounding areas! It really is wonderful to have this all on my doorstep. I hope you enjoy these few photos and feel encouraged to visit your local area and explore some of its history.


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