Review: Scrabble Cookie Cutters

Hey there,

Today I am going to be reviewing Scrabble cookie cutters. I purchased them in a shop last week but you can find them on Amazon and various other sites. They usually retail for around £9.99.

I really like the look of this kit in the tin. The cutters themselves were really simple and easy to use and cleaned up well. You just roll out the biscuit dough, cut the square out with one side of the cutter, turn the cutter around and stamp the letter into it. Easy! I love the idea of writing an edible note for a friend or loved one. Such a cute thing to do! You could also use just the letter side of the cutters to stamp a note into a large biscuit, fondant, clay or whatever.

The tin also comes with a recipe, which I decided to try out. Tbh I didn’t really think very much of it. The dough was too tasteless and hard. I think next time I’ll try them out on gingerbread. Yum!

Have you ever tried Scrabble Cookie cutters?




I have not received any money or the product to review. I purchased it myself.

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