Hey there, I’m Emma,

a farmer’s daughter from the lovely land of Somerset, England. Home to Glastonbury festival, Cheddar cheese and the world’s best cider.


I’m a craft loving, food fanatic who now resides in the wonderful city of Bristol with my lovely, silly boyfriend and an assortment of plants.

I work in a charity shop and absolutely love it. We have the best team of people and an eclectic clientele. We spend a lot of the time laughing at silly (and usually rude) things. If it gets too much then I can often be found hiding around a corner, trying to stop snorting and cry-laughing. I think they all think I’m crazy…oh well!

‘Bring a little crazy into every day!’

I love learning and trying out new crafts. Painting, clay, knitting, macrame, weaving, sewing, papier mache, pyrography… I’ll give it all a go.

Food is my other obsession. I love learning new facts, new techniques, discovering new foods. I can happily talk about it all day, non-stop. In fact, I quite often do. Jamie Oliver has played a big part in this! Gotta love that man.

I also love to travel and explore new places. My biggest adventures so far were travelling across America with Trekamerica and then returning a couple of years later to travel down California on my own. Absolutely amazing. I’d go back in a heartbeat.


‘To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.’ – Oscar Wilde




Here’s a few random facts about me, to get you started.

-My favourite drinks are tea and cider-

-I have one sister-

-I love quokkas-

-I’m hugely emotional-

-I have a very silly, naughty sense of humour-

-When I laugh a lot, I snort-

-I have never been considered cool, and I quite like that-

-Hugs are the best-


Thanks for popping by! Have a lovely day 🙂